Smelly Baby Ear, Alert Symptoms of Ear Infection

Mother, do not ignore the unpleasant smell that comes from the Little One's ear, because the baby's ear smell can be a symptom of ear infection, you know! But do not worry, Mother can do maintenance at home to overcome them. Basically, earwax is the body's natural way to protect the ear from entry of germs, and foreign objects such as dust that have the potential to infect the eardrum. Another case if the baby's ears smell and are accompanied by white or yellowish fluid, it becomes a sign that your baby's ear is infected. Signs and Symptoms of Ear Infection The main cause of baby's ear odor is middle ear infection (otitis media). This condition occurs due to inflammation in the middle ear which causes a buildup of fluid behind the eardrum and then becomes infected. This ear infection can be caused by bacteria or viruses. In addition to smelly baby's ears, here are the signs and symptoms of ear infections in your child that you can recognize: Yellowis
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